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    AFL: What’s the point?

    Dips is in the dumps! Where’s the game going? What are the marketing types up to? Is there only one possible (disturbing) end to it all?

    Almanac Cricket History – Australia v Pakistan at the Adelaide Oval

    It’s a remarkable 30 years since Australia last played a Test against Pakistan at the Adelaide Oval. Ian Hauser reviews their past clashes at Australia’s most beautiful cricket ground.

    The Footy Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch (Nov 29): Gilbert McAdam and Ronnie Burns

    A double barrel Footy Almanac/Odd Friday Lunch with Gilbert McAdam & Ronnie Burns this Friday (29th). Should be a beauty!

    Almanac Cricket History – A year of turmoil, capped off in remarkably different ways: the story of Australia v Pakistan in 2009/10

    The 2009/10 Test series between Australia and Pakistan provided challenges and opportunities for both teams. Sean Mortell relives the Melbourne and Sydney Tests of that tour.

    Almanac Party: The Tigers Almanac 2019 Launch and Festive Season Drinks (Dec 17)

    Party. To launch The Tigers Almanac 2019. Dec 17. All welcome.

    Almanac Cricket – (The) Adelaide Oval Test XI: a backhand for (the) Don

    Dave Brown continues his excellent series with the ‘Best Australian XI at Adelaide Oval’, both all-time and then solely against Pakistan. For balance, he also includes Pakistan’s best at the same venue.

    Almanac History – November 27 is quite a day in the calendar of sport and music

    The Almanac takes you down Memory Lane to see what happened in the worlds of cricket and rock music on this date. It’s a journey from bright lights to mayhem.

    Australia v Pakistan – Second Test: Writer’s call up

    The Second Test of the summer is upon us. Keen to pen a few words about the action? We welcome nominations.

    The Video James Corner: Believe it or not, esports has rules

    Like any competitive sport or game, cheating also occurs in esports highlighting the need for rules James Bosco explains in his weekly segment.

    What’s in the WAFL 2019? – AFL prospects: by Les Everett

    Les Everett nominates the WAFL players he believes most likely to attract the attention of AFL recruiters.

    Almanac Cricket – Free Beer and Law 42

    Phil Hill is a cricket umpire who loves the game however there’s one thing that really riles him, and that’s the Laws of Cricket, or at least, some of them. Find out why.

    Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: First Test – Performance reflective of the ’06 glory days.

    With a dominant innings defeat of Pakistan in the books, in this current side Sean Mortell saw some glimmers of the most recent golden era of Australian cricket under the leadership of Ricky Ponting.

    Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: First Test Day 4 at the ‘Gabba

    Spirited innings from both Babar and Rizwan were not enough for Pakistan as they finally succumb, losing outright to the Aussies on Day 4 at the ‘Gabba as Citrus Bob reports.

    Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: First Test Day 3 at the ‘Gabba

    Hans Solo, Obi-wan-Kenobi, trumpets, and the troopers are all a part of Day 3 at the ‘Gabba as the Aussies plunder the Pakistani bowlers to produce a huge score as Citrus Bob reports.

    Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: First Test Day 2 at the ‘Gabba

    The Aussies are headed for a substantial lead in the First Test as they plunder the Pakistani bowlers at the ‘Gabba on Day 2 reports Citrus Bob.

    Desert Island Discs – Which album will you take?

    Marooned on a desert island? Which album would you hope to have with you to while away the time? Col had no problems making his choice!

    As the night takes a deep breath: U2 Joshua Tree Tour 2019, Melbourne

    Shane Reid had a fab night out at U2’s recent Melbourne concert. He relives the experience and recalls fond memories from over the years of his love for the band as he explains.

    Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: First Test Day 1 Review

    Bob Utber reviews the first day of play Australia v Pakistan in the first test at the ‘Gabba after his long trip to Brisbane.

    Almanac Cricket – Gabba Test XI: the greatest performance in the greatest match

    Dave Brown kicks off the Test season by selecting his best XIs for both Australia and Pakistan, based on performances at the ‘Gabba.

    Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: First Test – The ‘Gabba Blog

    The 2019/20 Summer of Test cricket gets underway this morning at the ‘Gabba and the Almanac continues its practice of giving you the opportunity to add your comments via our rolling blog as play unfolds.